Sunday 19 April 2015

A Fresh Bistro Muse

Fresh is the Word for Bistro Muse

As we get ready to roll into high gear at Muse for the season- yesterday was tasting day for Bistro staff and "the Muse" - sampling the new Bistro fare.

Chef Judi Garbala has put together a new menu that is nothing short of scrumptious.  If you had a single Muse favourite before... you're going to have at least 5 now.

We tasted, we paired and there are just so many wonderful combinations, you'll want to be taking advantage of the tasting flights of wines to find what your palate enjoys most.

Our new Bistro Chef has sourced locally wherever possible and loves fresh, fresh, fresh!  The Spring Salad is heaven; our photo here shows it served with smoked tuna.  Only YUM in bold caps comes remotely close to describing - Fave # 1 and then we tasted the Seasonal Soup...  A Red Snapper, Roasted Tomato & Lentil bisque and please note the "Seasonal" because it will change in the summer and you do not want to miss the opportunity to taste it - Fave #2.

The Grilled Chicken Tartine with homemade Roasted Thyme Grape Chutney with Moonstruck's Ash Ripened Camembert on a baguette slice will undoubtedly be Fave #3!

And that's only the briefest of tastes on the menu.  Check it out online and be sure sure to reserve many lunches- there is so much to try.  When the staff says "awesome" you know you need to take it in.

Your best chance for sampling a number of things from the menu is the Spring Celebration Party coming up Saturday May 2nd at Muse - noon to 4 pm.  No reservations required, you'll want to gather up your friends- at only $1/bite or sip...what better way to enjoy a Saturday.

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