Monday 23 January 2012

100 Mile Diet...No only 2!

When others struggle to stay within the confines of the 100 Mile Diet, we have to think how lucky we are here on the Saanich Peninsula.  The bounty in this photo is less than 2 miles!

This photo comes from a neighbour only a few hundred yards from Muse Winery.  All the produce in the picture is from Hazelmere Farms, just a quarter of a mile from the winery.  Five growers in our neighbourhood share and sell their produce from their farms at this roadside stand on Tatlow Road in Deep Cove. There's a wide variety of  vegetables of the season and the stall is open throughout the year. 

Thanks for the picture Jimmy and our Ramblin' Rose looks scrumptous with those lovely red potatoes, onions and squash.

What time was dinner?

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